Bebe Rexha’s spectacular performance in Jimmy Fallon's ‘The Tonight Show’ for her latest Single “I’m A Mess”

Bebe Rexha made it to Jimmy Fallon starrer The tonight show on 25 this month to promote her latest dropped single “I’m A Mess.” The pop singer also performed on her new profound track on Monday and made the hearts of the fans soar. The song is from her new debut album “Expectations.”  Until now Rexha was known only for collaborating with other artists, but the underrated songwriter and singer will put her own mark with her debut album this June.

Rexha undertook her performance on a neon-lit square floor by the sides and a nurse standing by her side while she sings on a hospital bed. There was a big screen behind her which constantly showed the punching words in the lyrics. The scene was to portray a hospital. Soon she was joined with the backup dancers and showed her moves coupled with her elegant voice. The Tonight Show sure is a home to A-list celebrities and artists for promotional value.

What “I’m A Mess” is about you would say? The song searches the issues of sadness and reaches to people about faking positivity. Earlier she has performed with some great artists like Florida Georgia in The Tonights Show for the track ‘Meant To Be.’ Earlier in 2014, she released her debut single “I Can’t Stop Drinking About you” and “I’m Gonna Show you crazy,” a confirmed platinum by Swedish Recording Industry Association. Her latest album ‘Expectations’ is labeled by Warner Bros which released on June 22, 2018. So make sure you get a copy if you don’t wanna miss out on it.

Her biggest hits till before her debut album was with EDM superstar David Guetta (collaborated for ‘Hey Mama’), Florida’s ‘Meant to be’ and collab with rapper G-Eazy for ‘Me, Myself and I.’ Her album is appealingly cohesive, with so many tracks circling around by guitar lines as well as trap influenced thump which in turn can be inspired by No Doubt.

Expectations give a representation of an underrated pop singer. It isn’t flawless but is compelling. Tell us you views in the comment section below.

Checkout the Bebe Rexha’s performance in The Tonight Show in ‘I’m A Mess’ here:


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