Joseph O’Brien sways Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ at ‘America’s Got Talent’

America’s Got Talent contestant Joseph O’Brien asks the question, “Hello, is it me you are looking for?” and boy does the audience response. The heartfelt performance of the contestant did just that and made the audience, particularly girls to ask that question which Lionel Richie asked in the mid of 80s. The audience and the Judges were swooned with Joseph’s voice.


The enchanting twenty-year singer/contestant made it to America’s got talent from Columbia for the incandescent raging torch of the stage. When one of the Judges, Heidi Klum asks him, “Who did he come here with today?,” the singer says he has come alone all the way from Columbia. Klum then gets amore personal and asks him if he has any girlfriend, wife or anyone at home? To which Joseph says, “No, I don’t have any girlfriend and  I’ve actually been single my entire life so… actually never gone to legal date or anything like that. I guess like the right opportunity has not come along.”

Klum went even deeper and asks a weird one “Have you snogged anyone then?,” to which the singer says, “No, I have not. No kissing no. Just not happened.”

Joseph O’Brien then went on to sing the most heartfelt and touching song of the evening with Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ which melts the hearts of everyone in the amphitheater. The crowd went quiet and then went crazy when the 20-year-old boy sang the lovely song. Swooning hearts with his vocals and keys performing Richie's classic which he stacked with feels and high notes.

America’s Got Talent went to twitter and posted this as if cannot wait to partially share it with the world.

There wes other contestants too like Brody Ray who came from Nebraska who gave a spectacular audition singing ‘This is who i’m inside.’ All the audience literally stood up when the contestant pitched the high notes. The Judges too were impressed and stood up and clapped for the singer. Obviously, we are going to see him again.

Check out Joseph’s audition below and do tell us what do you think of this adorable singer who promised to went to find the girlfriend the moment he gets off the stage. Comment on the comment section below.


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