“K.T.S.E” Hold Up Explained! Teyana Taylor To Release The Updated Version

Hip-hop singer Teyana Taylor’s hugely expected K.T.S.E. album came to the streaming services a day late and we might finally have the explanation to why there was a holdup. The singer arrived at Big Boy TV for discussion and said there were issues with sample clearing, which in turn followed in the removal of an entire song.

The artist felt pressure from listeners to release the album at the expected release date. She states that a song titled “We Got Love,” which was heard at the singer’s album listening party didn’t make it to the album and the fans are sad as expected. But Taylor strategies to add the missing track to the album by this weekend for streaming.

Harlem Native states, “ Saturday or Sunday, you’ll be able to hear the complete version of the album. At the closing of ‘Rose In Harlem,’ I had ‘Lost Ones’ in there. And at the closing of ‘Issues,’ I had Sade section in there, and I was really really talking that sh**. Once you all listen to the album next week, you’ll come to know what i was talking about, because it is way more complete.

Taylor wasn’t ready to put the blame solely on Kanye West’s tendencies and that too at the last moment. The singer says, “I’d have to put a little bit of blame at everybody because we placed the date, then had the listening party, after which we had clearance issues. As for the Clearance issue part, I don’t know. I think everybody plays a part.” She further explained, “Ye, he really wanted me happy, and he knew the wait was killing me.”

She made her first appearance in 2007 with My Super Sweet 16 on MTV. Before that, she signed a record deal with Star Trak Entertainment. Taylor has also written songs for artists like Chris Brown, Usher and Omarion. She stars in Teyana and Iman alongside her husband Iman Shumpert, who is an NBA player.

For now, listen to Teyana’s interview at Big Boy TV below and tell us what you think about the delay in the comment section below.


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