Marshmello Comes Up With Lovable EDM Video Featuring “DuckTales”

EDM & DJ artist Marshmello dropped the most lovable EDM video “Fly” collaborating with DuckTales on June 23. The track made it to No. 7 on U.S dance charts.The live action animation video was first aired on Disney Channel on Saturday. Some star power Marshmello has! It’s not an easy feat to pull off the most iconic animation company Disney to work with you. Kudos to that!

The video is about adventure in outer space with these adorable DuckTales to go with. Donald and Huey with their uncle Scrooge. Louie and Dewey and their friend Webby, all together with Marshmello on a fun trip to outer space. They meet a DJ (alien) on a faraway planet when their spaceship crashes where the alien Marshmello fixes the DuckTales spaceship. It is a stunning piece of live action animation.

The music video on youtube raked in almost 50 Million views. But following weekend, he re-released the visual for the music video which blends live action with animation teaming up with Ducktales for a fun adventure to an alien planet made of Marshmallows. The events which unfold in the video are very fun and mesmerizing. Donald Duck gets the task of piloting the aircraft and get his family safely home. But he doesn’t. He instead crash lands the aircraft in a remote Marshmallow planet as it was his first behind the wheels to a spaceship. Uncle Scrooge wasn’t pleased with how to events turned out. Marshmello enters the scene and saves the day only he is not the human Marshmello, he is an alien Marshmello and still a DJ. He helps them to fix the spacecraft and the duckTales returns to their home.

The Whole month of June was a busy month for Marshmello. He released other three singles including ‘Reverse’ and ‘Joyride 2.’After watching the video, we would like Marshmello to make such videos more often teaming up with Disney. Maybe the next video could be with Mickey and Minnie. Let’s hope it happens sometime in the future. Tell us your thoughts on the video in the comment section below.

See Marshmello’s EDM Video Featuring DuckTales - ‘FLY’ below


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