Monkees Get Raves From The Fans For Canceled Concerts owing to Mike Nesmith illness

Monkees' Michael Nesmith Final Live Show 2016

Due to Monkees’ crew member Mike Nesmith health problems, The band had to cancel their upcoming four live concert shows which were in New York City, Philadelphia, Huntington, N.Y., and Red Bank, N.J. The band got raves from the fans.

Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees comes up front to clear the air between the band and the fans. He says he is not aware of all the facts of the illness that has caused his bandmate, Mike Nesmith, to shut off their tour when it was almost at the end. Dolenz says in an interview for Billboard, “Truthfully, I do not know. I spoke to him when he left and he sounded a little bit under the weather, and weak. He was apologizing profusely that he had to cancel the tour to which I said, “Do not worry too much about it. We’ll adjust.”

Now the Monkees are set to do the four shows which remain, rescheduling it to January. The statement was issued on June 21 in the presence of the band for the rescheduling. Mike Nesmith too has a sequence of National Band Redux occasion dates queued up for the beginning of September listed on Nesmith’s website.

The Monkees member says when they get back to the remaining tour in January, there is a possibility that there will be more shows than the four that stands. Reportedly, he says, “We had such exceptional reviews and such considerable response that we are already talking of it as we missed a part of the markets. But we are trying to take it easy as we are not any younger.” Mickey also talks about the possibility of a live album from the tour.

With the tour aside, Dolenz is indulged with other things in his life. Like being a granddad to his new grandson. The Monkees member took it to Facebook to share his one of the beautiful moment.

Dolenz also has some busy weeks coming. He will be singing National Anthem at Citizen Bank Park, Philadelphia for Washington Nationals game. He’ll commemorate Neil Diamond, recipient of Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award on July 14 at Special Salute to Music Legends. He might get away for awhile this year, visit Switzerland and CERN Laboratories where the world’s biggest Hadron collider is. A machine for colliding atom particle at ranging speeds.


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