Years & Years’ soulful performance on ‘Seth Meyers’: “If You Are Over Me”

Olly Alexander and co reached on Late Night With Seth Meyers on June 25 for the promotion of their album “Palo Santo” which is due out on 6th July. The Years & Years team gave a soulful and engaging performance on their said album song, “If You Are Over Me.”

The synth-pop crew lit the stage with their heartfelt performance and with the set of warm stage light syncing perfectly with their tone. The band enthusiasm and performance hyped up the audience and to those sitting in home watching the show. The band’s soulful track “If You Are Over Me” is accompanied by “Sanctify” and the title track “Palo Santo” in the album.

Palo Santo, the group’s second album tells a story of a dystopian world in the future where androids ruled and having humans is a commodity to them. Humans no longer roam the world as the ones who are left went in hiding. Olly Alexander is one of the humans captured by androids for the purpose of amusement in the album.

The title track “Palo Santo” when dropped was praised and applauded for its delivery and combination of vocals with the backdrop. After their successful debut Album “Communion,” Olly Alexander & company is set to launch their sophomore album “Palo Santo” on July 6.  Years & Years are on a spin with their latest album Palo Santo and fans are already going crazy for it. The third track which is the title track is we can say amazing as relative to the other two previous singles dropped by them “Sanctify” & “If You are Over Me”. The former underperformed undeservedly but the latter was a fair hit in the UK.

The recently released title track is slow and slackens a bit. But Olly sounds just as perfect as when he sings on few higher BPMs. The song is well produced and well written with the magic of Olly’s voice swooning the crowd. The single mix the spirituality and sexuality in an awesome way. The use of synths and electronics as beautifully as possible, the track is one of the mega smash hit of the year for the Olly and co. Tell us your thoughts by commenting in the comment section below.

Check out Years & Years’ performance in Late Night With Seth Meyers:


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